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Anyone requiring protection from noise Levels above 80dB as per the control of noise at work act (2005). The upper action level is 85dB.


Long term exposure to noise above 85dB will damage your hearing. It can cause Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) or tinnitus. Hearing damage caused by noise is irreversible, but can be prevented


This can be done on site in a well- lit, uncluttered environment


We normally arrange appointments to ensure that we can perform the impression taking and subsequent user instruction and fitting at a convenient time. The process requires 2 visits.


Inspection of the user's ear canal to the eardrum and impression taken of ear canal. Impression cast sent to production and return for fitting of the finished ear plug. Using the noise data for the users working environment, selection of a suitable product and protection level.


In the UK, employers have a responsibility not to damage the hearing of those who work for them. Custom-moulded earplugs fall under the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 2002. Custom- moulded earplugs are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative choice to earmuffs or other forms of earplug as they can offer a longer life span, potential cost saving benefits to employers and a guaranteed fit every time they are used as they fit only the wearer for whom they were made. Impression taking and moulding can influence the comfort and fit of the final product and the protection afforded.

BSIF has issued guidance on noise reduction, however it is not always possible to remove/reduce the noise. You cannot always tell if a noise is loud enough to damage your hearing. The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 set daily personal noise exposure action and limit values.


The custom moulding process starts with the taking of their medical history to determine if they are suitable with an assessment of the user's ear canals. Our end to end service is not about the provision of the highest attenuation earplugs as this can lead to isolation and over protection.

A certain level of skill, training and experience is required to take ear impressions for custom-moulded earplugs. Earplugs moulded by inexperienced users do not always meet required attenuation values.

The factors that we consider are compliance to the noise levels in the work environment to ensure that the wearer isn't over protected. The product has to meet EN352-2 the Control of the noise at work regulations (2005). We will discuss the risk assessments and noise level data to determine the correct product.

We provide a robust product that exactly matches the wearers ear canal made in medical grade materials. The quality of the acoustic filters allow either a tuned product or a generic filter. Each plug has the wearer's serial number in it to ensure tracabilty. There are finger grips to enable easier fitting. We can provide neck cords to retain the plugs.


User appreciate that the company is taking care of its employees and providing a premium product. The customer knows that the wearers are getting a repeatable fit with the hearing product. The product can be adjusted if the work process changes to allow more protection or to prevent over protection and isolation, allowing communication between work colleagues by blocking out harmful noise.

Cost savings from the robust design and durable materials used in the manufacture mean that the cost in use in comparison to the traditional foam ear plug can provide a cost reduction and pay-back period of 12-14 months


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