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Anyone requiring 24/7 access for PPE that is suitable for issuing to the individual or team leader.


PPE is generally a free issue item that cannot be effectively costed to specific jobs or controlled within a production schedule. Also ensure that Mission critical items are always available.


On the factory floor close to the point of use to prevent time losses due to staff having to go to stores to collect low value items on a frequent basis


Modern factories work so many different shift patterns earlies , lates, nights ,4 on 4 off. The shift pattern often cannot ensure sufficient staff to man the stores facility. The vending machines can fill the gap


By reviewing the bill of materials the items that make up the majority of regular demand can be accommodated in sufficient quantity to prevent stock outs during extended shift patterns. Eg Stores can close on a Friday lunch time but with weekend, night shifts and bank holidays the stores may not be manned again for 11 shifts.


The cost of space is relatively high in relationship to the cost of traditional PPE. This requires some thought to be applied to what should be in machines.

Generally we take the bill of materials and review the volumes and look at the sizes to determine if the product is suitable to be vended. The first action is to determine what is used every week and ensure that sufficient can be placed in the machine. Where space is available then items that are used less frequently are placed in the machine.

The stocking levels and restocking levels are set based on the frequency of visit to refill and how vital it is to ensure stock availability.


Through the use of Clock cards we can ensure that the individuals who are employed by the company can access products as they use the same card that they use to Clock in and have door access to the site . Products in vending machines can be controlled to be issued to individuals who have the knowledge and training to use them correctly. EG harnesses for fall protection are only issued to people who have had the appropriate training. Or confined space breathing equipment is only released to those qualified to use the PPE.


  • These items are frequently used and ideally can be placed near the working location to allow prompt access without the need to go to stores with chits for the release of non-production consumables
  • Reporting data can be provided to the department to see what their consumables budget is in real time or on a weekly, monthly basis. These reports can be tailored as required
  • Reporting to compare best practice and cost in use
  • If an individual moves department the cost of the PPE transfers to the new department as they remove stock giving accurate reporting
  • The ability to view location of stock in other nearby machines
  • As product is used the replenishment report is adjusted so that the machines can be refilled as required. This report can be emailed to stores to give an indication of what needed to be replaced in a machine.
  • The vending stock can be adjusted in line with production to ensure the right products are available


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