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This applies to anyone with spectacles; with any vision impairment; or users of Display Screen Equipment (DSE); or mask wearers.


Anyone working in an office environment using a DSE for more than 6 hours per day is entitled to an eye-test. As part of general safety, any prescription eyewear ensures that the wearer can carry out their role safely without visual impairment.


This can be done on-site depending on minimum number of tests (20-30).


At the discretion of the employer, recommended every 2 years


  • We arrange for a dispensing optician to conduct a vision test and also to complete an eye examination.
  • For DSE users, the test will take account of the nature of the user's work, including the distance at which the screen is viewed.)


Within the UK, the Health and Safety Regulations Act 1992 states that workers who comply to particular circumstances are entitled to have an 'appropriate test' paid for by their employers, The circumstances are focused on the computer-based requirements of a job, with length of time, type of work and regularity the key defining points. This is usually referring to the use of a visual display unit (VDU)/computer screen for continuous spells in periods of over one hour, where the transfer of information between the employee and their VDU is key to their job. The appropriate test is to provide Eye and Eyesight test on request, and special spectacles if required. From early to mid-forties most adults start to experience problems with their ability to see clearly at close distances, especially for reading and computer tasks. This normal aging change in the eye's focusing ability is called presbyopia.


The process involves identification of potential sight test candidates, arranging for a qualified dispensing optician to visit the client site and conduct the scheduled tests. The optician will require 2 visits, one to conduct the tests, and a second to issue any prescription eyewear required.


There can be significant benefit to the employer if the profile of their workforce requires many employees to undergo eyesight tests. By providing the service on-site, the schedule can be organised to minimise the employees' absence from work, rather than 1/2 to full day absence should they need to schedule an appointment at a local optician.


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