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Image Style Style Name Grp A Grp B Grp C
GP-KV2R Machine Knitted Cut Resistance Glove Gloves Machine Knitted Cut resistant
377 Foam Nitrile Coated Gauntlet Gloves Machine Knit Support Nitrile
TEX 377 Fully dipped Nitrile foam on Cut 4 liner Gloves Knit Cut Resist Supp Nitrile
SHO542X White Poly Ethylene (HPPE) cut 3 glove Gloves Cut Resist Supported Polyethylene
330 Re-Grip Gloves Supported (Coated) Latex
3771P Fully coated nitrile with TPR shields on the back of the hand Gloves Supported (Coated) Specialist
451 - Showa Grip Showa Thermo Grip Gloves Supported (Coated) Low Temperature
7550 Black Powder free Nitrile Gloves Disposable Nitrile
7540 Purple Nitrile powder free Gloves Gloves Disposable Nitrile
7585 Cobalt Blue 300mm 0.2 Disposible Nitrile Gloves Disposable Nitrile
7565 Black powder free antistatic nitrile disposable glove Gloves Disposable Nitrile